How service of AMPLE! is?

AMPLE! is the service aiming to create the society that cosplayers all over the world can live by only cosplaying, with the slogan, 「Broaden "Job : Cosplayer" over the world.」. Users can help cosplayer activity by supporting for pictures that cosplayers contribute.

Is to pay by credit card the only way?

Yes, only credit card.

About the point to support, how much 1 point is?

1 point is 1 yen. If the user use other currency, the point is changed by the exchange.

*Please understand the case that reflection of the exchange is not real-time.

Can I support with ACO (the virtual currency that the operating company of AMPLE! issues)?

We are now developping the support functions with ACO. Please wait for a moment.

I can't support for a part of cosplayer.

Because we outsource credit card payment to external service, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions below.

1. The cosplayer complete to sign up the external service.

2. The country the cosplayer belongs is the country dealing with credit card payment service.

about the country dealing with credit card payment servicePlease confirm here

Can I confirm how much and for whom I have supported?

It is possible. After login,Please confirm here